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Americana Mini Starter Pack
Americana Global

Americana Mini Starter Pack

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  • 4oz Stripper Oil and Residue Remover

    • Stop leaving unseen contamination behind, in order to get your surface surgically clean and prepped for coating a solvent is needed to remove previously applied protection; as well as oils from the paint correction process.

    • 4oz Finesse Flawless Finish Polish

      • Finesse flawless finish polish was engineered for superlative clarity and binary finishing capabilities.

      • 4oz 1500 Compound

        • 1500 Compound was designed for maximum defect removal, longer product cycling, and impeccable finishing capabilities. Paint defects don't stand a chance against Its’ rapid cut and low dust formula. Diminishing abrasive technology allows for binary defect removal and flawless finish.

        • Medium Cut Foam Pad Orange

          • EFC Pads, short for Exact Fit Compression Pads are an exclusive pad to Americana Global Inc. Manufactured here in the United States using German Prepolymer Foam. EFC Pads are designed for maximum durablity on long throw dual action machines. First look at the exact fit pad to the backing plate

          • Crazy Cut Hybrid Foamed Wool Pad

          • The new Crazy Cut Hybrid Foamed Wool pad is second to none on the market. Combining a hybrid blend of foam and wool to allow you to cut faster and finish down better. We also introduce the newest technology to allow you to cut even faster, finish even better, and keep pads even cooler. Our Crazy Cut pad combines our current signature ventilation holes, exact fit design, and now the latest in pad technology.


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