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Americana Global

Americana Global - 1500 Compound

Regular price $ 24.95

Join the movement of Effective and Efficient Paint Correction with the Americana Global System

With our correction system you will make light work of even the toughest paint correction jobs.

 Driven by innovation and the pursuit of excellence,  AmericanA has engineered the most advanced diminishing abrasive technology available. 1500 Compound was designed for maximum defect removal, longer product cycling, and impeccable finishing capabilities.  


 Paint defects don't stand a chance against Its’ rapid cut and low dust formula. Diminishing abrasive technology allows for binary defect removal and flawless finish.    


  • Shake well before use.
  • Always prime the pad prior to starting your correction
  • Use 4-6 pea size drops


For Maximum defect removal pair with AmericanA Microfiber cutting pad or Max Cut Yellow foam pad

For a great one step correction pair with AmericanA Orange Foam Pad

For a Flawless Finish, Follow you compounding step with Finesse and AmericaA Black or Orange foam pad


Helpful Tips

  • Maintain slow tempo and  arm speed, allow the product to work itself
  • Minimal pressure should be applied.  
  • Do not buff the product until dry. Keep it wet. Work in smaller 2’ x 2’ areas


 WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

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